Texas Federation of College Republicans 

We are The Texas Federation of College Republicans 

First and foremost, we are proud Texans on a mission to preserve our beautiful state and way of life. We fight to keep Texas Red and to never see it turn blue. To achieve this, We volunteer for, work for, and support Republican Candidates that we believe will best serve our state.

          With 15 different chapter across the state of Texas, we have a diverse membership base dedicated to spreading our conservative ideals to our fellow students. We actively recruit to grow our chapters and to ensure that the Republican Party has a future. In other words, our chapters are made up of like-minded students who believe in keeping our state RED.  

          We do not just focus on the state of Texas, but also on the United States as a whole. We partner with other State College Republican Federations and Associations to ensure the victory of Republicans across the nation. We also deploy our members, voluntarily, to other states to assist in ongoing elections that are crucial for our country.

          We are the Texas Federation of College Republicans proudly fighting for Texas and America!






Best Party on Campus!

Keep Texas RED!